Forest Hill Billies A-Z

A for Amanda on washboard and vocals, Alan on drums, Albany Empire, Acoustic stage Glastonbury

B for Bill on the bass, Britanny, ‘Bad to the Bone’, ‘Big Black Cat’, Brighton Busking Festival, Belgium tour, brass section, Bo on posters, Brest En Couleurs, busking, backdrop lost in France, and ‘Billies of course

C for Colin on sax, ‘Catfish For Supper’, Cathy, ‘Country Girls’, ‘Confucious’, The Cricketers, checked shirts

D for Dave on trombone, harmonica and vocals, ‘Detour’, Dingwalls

E for Evreux, ‘Everybody’s Tryin’, ‘Exodus’

F for Forest Hill, ‘Forest Hill Ska’, ‘Food Poisoning’, fans, flat-tops, flyers, France

G for Greg on lead guitar, Glastonbury, Gaz’s Rockin’ Blues, The George Robey

H for Hope Festival, ‘Hillbilly Jump’, Half Moon, ‘Hand in Hand’, 100 club

I for ‘It’s The Woluf’, independence from record companies, Issy les Moulineaux

J for Johnny-T on the violin, Jon on trumpet, Jill on sax, Julian on keyboards, ‘Jolene’, ‘Jump Start’

K for Kate, the brother’s sister, ‘Keep on Pushin’

L for ‘Love ‘Em and Leave ‘Em’, Lee Perry, Levi 501s, Lewisham Labour Club

M for Matt on guitar & vocals, Marian on lead vocals, Michael on sax, ‘The Munsters’, ‘Making Whoopie’, Murshin Durkin Club, Mutley, Malcom Hardee

N for ‘New One’ the song without a title, New Year’s Eve at the Albany Empire, Namur in Belgium

O for Old Tiger’s Head

P for Printemps De Bourges, Potato 5, ‘Pan American Boogie’, Penny on trumpet, Paradise Bar, Pop on guitar, P.A.

Q for ‘Quiet’ – a word seldom heard when the ‘Billies were around

R for Rockabilly, Radio F.A.T., Royal Albert, Rennes, Rockscenes

S for Stix on drums, Slim on the accordian, Simon – our first drummer, soundchecks, Ska, Skiffle, Stage 2 Glastonbury, screams, solos, saxophones

T for Transmusicales, T-chest Bass, ‘Tequila’, ‘Texas Ska’, tours, tune-ups, trombone, trumpet

U for ‘Ultime Atom’ memorable gig in Belgium, Up The Creek

V for the VW van, ‘Viper’

W for ‘Wine’, ‘Whisky’, ‘Western Ska’, Wicked Records, our own record company, washboard

X, Y and Z..

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